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Powered Shell

Powered Shell data centers offer a customizable foundation with essential infrastructure in place. As the developer, Lincoln Rackhouse provides the “shell” of the building, including power and connectivity, while you retain full control over the interior build-out. This approach grants you the flexibility to tailor the data center’s internal setup and take responsibility for maintenance.

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Data Center Acquisition and Investment services from Lincoln Rackhouse

Site Selection and Acquisition

Our experts identify and acquire ideal locations, considering factors like power access, network connectivity, and compliance with local regulations.

Design and Architecture

We develop comprehensive architectural and engineering plans, ensuring they meet building codes and safety standards.

Utility Connections

We establish vital utility connections, such as electricity, water supply, and wastewater management

Compliance and Permits

Our team ensures strict adherence to local building codes, safety regulations, and environmental requirements while obtaining necessary permits.

Fire Suppression and Security

We implement robust fire suppression and security measures to safeguard the data center.

Testing and Commissioning

Thorough testing of power, cooling, and security systems ensures optimal performance.

Documentation and Reporting

Detailed documentation facilitates future reference and compliance

Handover and Transition

Upon completion, Lincoln Rackhouse smoothly hands over the powered shell to the client for internal setup.

Project Closeout

We finalize contracts, obtain certificates of occupancy, and complete administrative tasks for a successful project conclusion.