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Powered Land

We specialize in streamlining the early-stage groundwork necessary for successful campus development. From coordinating with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) on entitlements and permits, to managing highly technical collaborations with Electricity Service Providers for the design and construction of dedicated on-campus substations, we handle it all.

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Lincoln Rackhouse Atlanta Data Center Aerial

Site Selection and Acquisition

Our experts identify and acquire ideal locations, considering factors like power access, network connectivity, and compliance with local regulations. 50 acres is the minimum land requirement.

Design and Architecture

We develop comprehensive architectural and engineering plans, ensuring they meet building codes and safety standards.

Utility Provider Approvals & Coordination

We coordinate with the local utility company to gain the necessary approvals on designing and constructing a dedicated electrical substation on campus.

Compliance and Permits

Our team ensures strict adherence to local building codes, safety regulations, and environmental requirements while obtaining necessary permits.

Documentation and Reporting

Detailed documentation facilitates future reference and compliance

Handover and Transition

Upon execution of a PSA, Lincoln Rackhouse smoothly hands over the powered land to the client.