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Data Center Site Selection

With a focus on strategic planning, market research, lease negotiations, and technical lease reviews, we ensure that every aspect of site selection is handled with precision and expertise. From conducting needs assessments to analyzing lease vs. own vs. building options, we guide you through the entire process, leveraging our industry knowledge and experience to secure the ideal data center site.

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Lincoln Rackhouse Atlanta Data Center Aerial

Needs Assessment

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, including power capacity, connectivity, scalability, security, and geographic considerations.

Market Survey and Research

We conduct in-depth market analysis, evaluating factors such as real estate availability, competitive landscape, power infrastructure, fiber connectivity, and local regulations to ensure that your chosen site meets your operational and business requirements.

Municipal Incentives Negotiations

Our team excels in negotiating municipal incentives with local authorities. We leverage our industry connections and expertise to secure favorable terms, such as tax abatements, grants, and infrastructure support.

Technical Lease Review

Our experienced team conducts a thorough review of lease documents, assessing power capacity, cooling systems, security provisions, maintenance responsibilities, and other critical technical aspects to ensure that the lease terms are favorable, minimizing potential risks and maximizing operational efficiency.

Conduct Strategic Planning

Our team works closely with you to develop a strategic roadmap considering factors such as expansion plans, scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, and geographic diversification.

Lease vs. Own vs. Building Analysis

We assess financial implications, operational control, scalability, time to market, and long-term flexibility. Based on our analysis, we provide clear recommendations that align with your business objectives.

Contract Negotiations

We leverage our industry knowledge and expertise to secure optimal lease agreements, purchase contracts, or construction contracts. Our negotiation strategies focus on maximizing your operational and financial advantages, giving you a competitive edge.

Close Out Packages

We compile and deliver comprehensive close out packages that include all necessary documentation, permits, warranties, and construction records. These packages provide you with the peace of mind that all details have been accounted for, facilitating a seamless handover.

Partner with Lincoln Rackhouse for comprehensive data center site selection services that deliver the perfect location.